“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”– Thich Nhat Hanh

EJS Project Family and Friends,

In this time of uncertainty, there's a fundamental truth that gives us hope - that together we can do extraordinary things. Over the past few weeks the entire world has been coming together to stand up, help out, give back and heal. Whether that's through donations to community organizations, celebrating doctors and nurses at shift changes, or reaching out to a neighbor to help with groceries, generosity has been helping the entire world get through this global pandemic together.

As you know, the mission of our organization is to build and empower tommorow's leaders. We strive to promote positive youth development while strengthening and supporting families to enable youth to reach their full potential and become productive community members.  We adhere to the philosophic tenant that strong and healthy families are the building blocks of our society.

We need your support to help provide virtual check-ins with our teens which focus on social, emotional and academic support, continue utilizing our office as a meal distribution site and  provide resources to our youth and community.


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If you can't donate, you can still support. Help us spread the word. Tell your family and friends why you believe in our work and encourage them to support us. Thank you in advance for your support! We hope that you and your family stay safe.


Emanuel Dupree Jackson, Jr.

Founder/Executive Diretor